NMAS Methods supported on Linux, Unix, Windows and NetWare

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  • 11-Apr-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 (OES 1)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
Novell Open Enterprise Server (NetWare based)


Not all NMAS methods are cross platform. Some 3rd party methods are only available for the NetWare and Windows platforms. If the NMAS method you are attempting to use is not available for the platform you are running, you will not be able to authenticate to a server which doesn't have the NMAS method.

For example, if you are using a NMAS method that has not been ported to Linux and you insert a Linux server into your tree and add replicas to this server, when NMAS authentications hit this specific server, NMAS authentications will fail.


Note: This is a work in progress TID and will updated when new information is available. If you are looking for a particular NMAS method that is not listed in this TID, please use the TID Feedback link at the bottom on this tid and provide the NMAS method and vendor you are needing information about.

Note: It is impossible to list all NMAS methods, however this listing should help in determining if your method will continue to work as you migrate to OES Linux.

Note: "All Platforms" means the method will load and run on NetWare, Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX

3rd Party Methods

BeyondLSI, Inc - http://www.beyondlsi.com
BeyondLSI NMAS Login Method (MethodID =0x3c0 ) (NetWare, Windows, and Linux)

Secugen - http://www.secugen.com/
Secugen Enterprise NMAS Fingerprint Login Method (MethodID = 0x150) (NetWare, Windows, and Linux)

Vasco Data Security - http://www/.vasco.com
Vasco Digipass Proxy LCM (MethodID = 0x80) (NetWare and Windows only)
Vasco Digipass LSM (MethodID = 0x80) (NetWare, Windows, and Linux)

Novell Methods
NDS Method (MethodID = 7) - (All Platforms)
Challenge Response (MethodID = 0x1f) - (All Platforms)
Simple Method (MethodID = 9) - (All Platforms)
Digest-MD5 (MethodID = 0x1c) - (All Platforms)
CertMutal (MethodID = 11) - (All Platforms)
Windows Native Access Method (NetWare and Windows only)
Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM) (MethodID = 37) (NetWare, Windows, Linux, Solaris)

Note: The following Novell methods are "End of Life" and are phased out.
X509 Certificate (MethodID = 10) - (All Platforms)
Universal Smart Card (MethodID = 23) - (All Platforms)
NDS Change Password (MethodID = 12) - (All Platforms)
Entrust (MethodID = 0xf) - (All Platforms)
Enhanced Password (MethodID = 0x14) - (All Platforms)
X509 Advanced Certificate (MethodID = 22) - (All Platforms)


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Additional Information

This is a table of all known methods listed by MethodID (Dec and Hex):

70x7 NDS MethodAll 32bit PlatformsNovell
90x9Simple MethodAll PlatformsNovell
100xa X509 CertificateAll 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
110xb CertMutualAll PlatformsNovell
120xcNDS Change Password
All 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
130xdlsmcifs (CIFS on NetWare 5.1/6.0)NetWare and LinuxEnd of Life
140xe lsmafp (AFP on NetWare 5.1/6.0)NetWare only
End of Life
150xfEntrust All 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
200x14Enhanced PasswordAll 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
220x16X509 Advanced CertificateAll 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
230x17Universal Smart CardAll 32bit PlatformsEnd of Life
280x1cDigest-MD5All PlatformsNovell
290x1dKerberosAll 32bit PlatformsNovell
30 0x1e Macintosh Native File Access (AFP on NetWare 6.5)NetWareEnd of Life
310x1fChallenge ResponseAll Platforms
340x22Windows Native File Access (CIFS on NetWare 6.5)NetWare, LinuxNovell
350x23GSSAPILinux, Linux64
370x25Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM)NetWare, Windows, Linux, Solaris
1280x80Vasco Digipass Proxy LCMNetWare and Windows
Third Party
1280x80Vasco Digipass LSMNetWare, Windows, LinuxThird Party
3380x150Secugen Enterprise NMAS Fingerprint Login MethodNetWare, Windows, LinuxThird Party
9600x3c0 BeyondLSI NMAS Login MethodNetWare, Windows, LinuxThird Party