ISCSI message while copying files: initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb

  • 3001970
  • 15-May-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


Message:  initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb
Message:  waiting for iscsi hdr


This message means that at the time the HACB was sent down, the connection was not immediately available and was queued up.  ISCSI only handles one I/O at a time. This message generally means that ISCSI is a little busy with some write requests.

Additional Information

Portion of ISCSI log:

0x000145F5="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FC420"
0x000145F6="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x000145F7="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x000145F8="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x000145F9="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FC120"
0x000145FA="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FC120"
0x000145FB="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x000145FC="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FC020"
0x000145FD="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x000145FE="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FBE20"
0x000145FF="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x00014600="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FBF20"
0x00014601="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x00014602="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FBD20"
0x00014603="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x00014604="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x00014605="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"
0x00014606="[!] initiator_get_connection no connection available hacb=0xBF5FC320"
0x00014607="[i] [CON0:2] waiting for iscsi hdr"