Backup Exec doesn't show domain or post office

  • 3000544
  • 07-Jul-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Backup Exec 9.1


Back up console only shows Groupwise system but  nothing to back up under it
TSAFS loaded with gw enabled and TSAFSGW loaded with /Home switches


Using SMDR.NLM from TSA5UP18 should take care of the problem:
1. Get the file SMDR.NLM from TSA5UP18 .
3. After unziping TSA5UP18 you should have 6X and 5X directories go to the folder that corresponds to your version of Netware to find SMDR.NLM.
4. Copy SMDR.NLM  to sys:system. You can rename the old file to preserve it. The old TSAs and smdr.nlm can then be unloaded and the new one loaded. This can be done at the server console provided there are no active connections to the smdr.nlm or active backup/restore jobs.

Additional Information

Unloading the TSAs with active connections/jobs can cause the server to hang/abend. Unload the tape sofware before unloading/reloading the TSAs and smdr.nlm.