The Oracle jdbc driver is not installed error when installing Novell ZENworks Linux Management 7

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  • 06-Jan-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Linux Management Linux Management 7 - ZLM7


The following error occurs when instaling the ZLM7 Server using a remote Oracle database as documented in ZENworks Installation Guide at
Error: "The Oracle jdbc driver is not installed. An RPM (oracle-instantclient-jdbc) that contains the Oracle jdbc driver can be downloaded from The install cannot continue."

This error occurs if the current Oracle 10.x drivers were installed from the currently available zip file, not from an older RPM format (used with the Oracle 9i client)

ZENworks install checks the RPM database for the installation of these drivers so if they are not installed in the RPM format the install cannot detect that the Oracle client
is there.


  1. Download the current Oracle instant client drivers compatible with your Oracle Database from
  2. For Linux x86-32 Bit Oracle client drivers, obtain the rpm from the Oracle web site in step 1 and refer to the ZLM documentation at
  3. For Linux x86-64 Bit Oracle client drivers, obtain the patchzlm7oraclerpmdrv.tgz(found at and refer to the ZLM documentation at
  4. Extract the patch zlm7oraclerpmdrv.tgz and follow the instructions which will create an RPM of the Oracle Drivers.
  5. Install the RPM containing the Oracle Drivers that was just created.
  6. Run zlm-config