Inventory not loading on agents for new installs or existing agents

  • 3000393
  • 24-Oct-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Agent properties does not show a link for "Inventory" under"Status".
Agent properties does not show "Inventory Module" under "Agent Status".


This problem is resolved in ZCM 10.0.1.

Additional Information

In this condition, the agent will have files in novell\zenworks\cache\zmd\settings. If there are no files in novell\zenworks\cache\zmd\settings, this is a different issue.
Check the disableagents.xml to determine if it includes:
If this text is not embedded within the xml, it may be due to having made either of these two changes in ZCC console:
  1. System default: Select Configuration, Configuration tab, Device Management, ZENworks Agent to set"Enable/Disable Agents" to Uninstalled. Problem remains after setting back to Enabled.
  2. Per Device:Select Devices.Select a workstation device: Settings, Device Management, Enable/Disable Managed Device Agents. Problem remains after setting back to Enable or system default.
After these changes were made the default enable/disable setting is not re-enabled for Inventory Services.