Printer Agent's Pause Output/ Pause Input button doesn't change to Resume

  • 3000094
  • 08-Jun-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 iManger iPrint Plugin


Within iManager , the Printer Agent's Pause Output and Pause Input button does not change to Resume Output or Resume Input when clicked.

Administrators can pause the input and output of a Printer Agent using iManager, but can't change the status to resume.


Apply Support Pack 3 for OES on Linux.  At the time of this writing (08JUN2006), SP3 has not been released yet.  Until SP3 is released, implement the workaround listed below.

Resume the Input or Output using the PsmStatus tool:
     1.  Go to https://[ip_or_dns_of_iprint_server]/PsmStatus
     2.  Authenticate with the eDirectory username and password (username's CN)
     3.  Click on the paused Printer Agent
     4.  Click on the top Drop Down list (the default selection is Shutdown Printer) and
          choose Resume Output or Resume Input
     5.  Click Apply

If the buttons have been clicked too many times within iManager, the printer agent may be in an error state.  Using the same drop-down selection from the PsmStatus tool, Shutdown the Printer Agent and Start it up again.

Additional Information

When clicking the Pause Output button, the text on the button should change to Resume Output.  For Printer Agents hosted on NetWare, this consistently works.  For Printer Agents hosted Linux, this works for some Printer Agents, and not for others.  The cause of the problem has not yet been determined.