NW5 Installation With Disk Device > 100 Gig

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  • 11-Mar-1999
  • 15-Jan-2000
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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Customer is using the NetWare 5 CD to boot the server and install DR DOS as part of the NW5 installation. Installation continues normally until they reach the screen where they are presented with the default partition and Volume SYS size. If they attempt to change the partition size, it drops from the maximum allowed for the device (for this customer it was 200205.9 MB) to 262 MB. The default size for SYS is 4,294,892,597 MB and it will not allow them to change it. If they accept the defaults and continue the installtion, it does not copy the rest of the files successfully.


They booted the server with the NW5 CDROM, created the DR DOS partition, stopped the installation, and xcopied NW5SP1A\MISC\NWUPDATE to the root of C:\. They started the installation again until they got to the partition/volume screen where they encountered the problem. When that failed, they installed MS DOS 6.2 and DOS CDROM drivers. They then proceeded with the installation until they got to the partition/volume screen. The size ot the partition and SYS volume were invalid. They didn't attempt to change either number. They started the installation using the DOS CDROM drivers again. This time they removed the IDEATA.HAM driver for the CDROM. This configuration showed the correct sizes for both the NetWare partition and the SYS volume. They were then able to change the size of the SYS volume and proceed with the installation successfully


Possibly a problem in NWCONFIG.NLM or conflict with DR DOS.


Customer installed DOS 6.2 and used the DOS CDROM drivers instead of booting from the NW5 installation CD. They then xcopied the NW5SP1\MISC\NWUPDATE directory from the files extracted from NW5SP1A to C:\ and started the installation by executing INSTALL.BAT from the NW5 Installation CD. The installation performs the initial file copy to the DOS partition and stops when it get to the driver configuration portion. The server recognized that there was a CDROM device present and selected the appropriate driver for it and for the disk device. They selected the option to modify the drivers and removed the driver for the CDROM. In this case, it was IDEATA.HAM. They then continued with the installation until they reached the screen with the default partition size and volume size for SYS and were able to modify the size of SYS, save the changes and continue with the installation successfully.

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