NW5 Job fails when submitted through SBCON

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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Customer submits a job in SBCON but the status comes back with Job failed


Verify that all appropriate modules are loading and in the correct order:

# Note: Only Tape related modules are listed here. Other modules are required for Disk and CDROM
# LOAD Disk driver for type of Backup Device, for example:
#LOAD TAPE Support for a specific tape device, if available, for example:
#OR LOAD TAPE Support for most devices:
#OR LOAD TAPE Support shared devices using the ASPI layer:
# Try them all if you are having problems

#AUTOEXEC.NCF or manual execution:
#NOTE Only Tape related modules are listed here. Other parameters and modules are required
# SMDR must be configured. For SMDR and QMAN configuration problems, see TIDs:
# 2945623 and 2944976

First verify that the device is visible:
LIST DEVICES (if nothing shows up, try SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES)
If an unbound device is listed and you believe it is your TAPE device, review the information about about loading NWTAPE or NWASPI. For other problems seeing these devices, verify that they are correctly installed and terminated. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance with hardware configuration problems.

Then load SBCON. If trying to backup with another program, first verify that backups are successful with SBCON. Note: Tape devices are slow by nature. You could encounter fairly long delays when you try to access devices. Be patient and do not keep selecting options until you are sure that the device has or has not responded. Watch the lights on the device

In SBCON, follow these menus:

   Storage Device Administration
        Select a Device
           If "No media is present" is displayed, present, press INSert
                Change the Media Label
                  The the tape a name such as "Novell"

   Job Administration
        Current Job List
          If you have any failed jobs, delete them so you know what configuration you are working with
        Create Session Files
          Description: Enter a description like "Test session 1"
          Device/Media Name: Press enter.
                                             On the "Select a Device:" screen, the device should be listed
                                                 Press enter.
                                                 List of Media should now have entries for Slot Media Name and Number
                                                 Media Name may list "Blank Media" by default
                                                 Press ESCape twice to the Session Files Option which should display:
          Description: Test session 1
          Device/Media Name: [V314-A1-D6:0] EXABYTE_......
             (or something appropriate for your tape device)
          Press ESCape and answer No to "Do you want to submit a job?"
          Goto the backup menu. The following fields will be displayed:

            Target Service:
            What to Backup?
            Description: Test session 1
            Device/Media Name: [V314-A1-D6:0] EXABYTE_........
            Advanced Options: <Select to View>
            Append Session: No

            On the Target Service field, press enter, select the local server and press enter.
               (Note, if this is a remote server, then SMDR and TSA500 must be loaded on that server.)
               Login to the server with an ADMIN ID and password in the format:
                   .userid.full.context (ie, for CN=Admin in O=Novell, .admin.novell)
               Select "What to Backup? and press enter
                  Press Insert at the List Resources box, select SYS: for the local file system.
                  Select [SYSTEM], then select a text file such as C1start.ncf, memuse.txt, etc.
                  The entries on this screen should now look something like:

                  Target Service: TESTSERVER
                  What to Backup? <Select to View>
                  Description: Test session 1
                  Device/Media Name: [V314-A1-D6:0] EXABYTE_........
                  Advanced Options: <Select to View>
                  Append Session: No

        Press escape and answer Yes to "Do you want to submit a job?

The server will switch the display to the Server console screen.
Select the NetWare Storage Management Console screen

In the Menu:
Main Menu
  Job Administration
   Select a Job
     Current Job List
       You should see:
                                            Queue Jobs
        Pos Hold Job Name Run Status Owner
        1 test session 1 submitted TESTSERVER

The Run status will go from submitted to running to completed if successful.

You can also see the status of the job by going to the Storage Management Activity Screen which will display a log of the steps taken in the backup.

If the activity screen shows entries such as:

"SME-5.0: 1-18-1999 10:04:43 am: ERROR
Job Name: test session 1
NWSMSDSessionWriteData Error while writing to media, Backup terminated
Error: (TSA500.NLM 5.0 293) An invalid selection list entry was passed."
then one of the fields mentioned in SBCON for job administration has most likely not been entered.

Also goto:
  Device Administration
    Select a Device (Enter)
       List of media [Insert]
             Media Status
               If the Media Information lists something like:
                    Media Format Type: unknown
                    Number in MEdia Set: 0
                    Creation Time:
                    Mount Status: Not Mounted
                    Media Mode: Not Selected
                    Media Type: unknown
                    Total Capacity: 0

               then the server does not yet have correct configuration information for this device.
               Try to force the system to see the device by changing the Media Label Name:
               MAIN MENU
                  Storage Device Administration
                    Select a Device (Press enter on the device
                       List of Media (Press Insert)
                         Change the Media Label
                           Overwrite Blank Media with something like "Test Tape 1" nad press enter.
                           This will write the label to the tape forcing it to recognize the device, if possible.
                           This usually takes a few minutes. The device specifics should now list on the
                            Media Information screen previously indicated.

If you encounter a message such as:

(SMSDI v1.0 326) An unidentified error occured.
           <Press ENTER to continue>

Switch to the console screen to look for errors. You may encounter something like:

1-18-1999 12:03:47 pm: SERVER-5.0-1536 [nmID=B0015]
     Device ""[V314-A1-D6:0]" deactivated due to media dismount.

This type of error indicates a problem with the disk channel caused by bad hardware, hardware configuration problems (ie, termination or conflicting device IDs) or a software driver problem (ie, out of date modules, conflicts between different drivers or the incorrect modules are loaded.)

Try List devices from the console. You may see something like:
0x0001: [V025-A0-D1:0] Unbound Device Object
0x0002: [V025-A0-D1:1] TKC/EP CD-812 rev:v103
0x0003: [V314-A1-D0:0] SEAGATE ST41600N rev:3026
0x0004: [V314-A1-D5:0] SEAGATE ST41600N rev:3026

Until you can see your tape device at the console. you wil not be able to properly configure the device in SBCON.

The unbound device is probably your tape device which was loaded but unloaded due to a conflict.
Have you loaded either NWTAPE.CDM, NWASPI.CDM or some other module like EXATAPE.CDM?
Have you loaded a base driver for the controller card like AHA2940.HAM?
Have you loaded more than one device for the same custom device such as both NWTAPE.CDM and EXABYTE.CDM? This could cause a conflict.
Are you loaded updated modules?
Have you loaded the Service pack for NetWare 5?
Have you checked or changed your cabling to rule out a problem with the actual cables or connections?
Have you checked to make sure that the devices are not only terminated but terminated with the correct devices? (Terminators come in a variety of resistances and work only in specific combinations.)
Have you tried other tape devices or other tapes to rule out hardware problems at the device level?
Have you tried turning the device off and on? Reconnecting it?
Have you tried turning the server off and back on?
After making changes, don't forget to do a "SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES" before doing a LIST DEVICES.

You may also find additional, useful information at:
November 1998 Application Note:
Enhancements to Storage Management Services (SMS) in NetWare 5

Also refer to the SMS readme file on the NetWare 5 CD. Search for sms_rdme.htm

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Customer must fill out required fields of SBCON to initialize the JOB or check to see that the hardware and software configuration of the tape environment is correct. See the troubleshooting section.