-601 or -669 Logging in at Server

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  • 17-Jun-1998
  • 10-Jul-1998
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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


When logging in using DSREPAIR.NLM, INSTALL.NLM, DSMERGE.NLM, etc., the display returns the error

"Unable to find object, error: -601" or
"Unable to login, error: -669"


Incomplete knowledge of NDS and hierarchical database (X.500) structures, or a simple mistype on the part of the user.


When logging in, you must type the full context of the user. The full context is the path, by container, where the user object is located.

Correct examples:
Administrator name: admin.provo.novell
Administrator name: .admin.provo.novell
Administrator name: CN=admin.OU=provo.O=novell

Incorrect example:
Administrator name: admin

When logging in, you must also use the correct password. An incorrect password will return a -669 Failed_Authentication error.

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