Border Manager Access Logging

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  • 12-Mar-1998
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Customer's having Border Manager installed. Users access various sites through either Proxy, IPX-IP Gateway or ???, the Admin wants to know where they have gone, how long were they are at a particular site, how many downloads etc... Some type of user auditing history... He can view a few of these options through the Admin utility but he is unable to print or infact determine where this information is stored. Are they written to any particular log file or is there a third party product which may have been written for Border Manager that may provide this type of data.

Which Log files does Border Manager create.

Logging is one of the biggest limitations in BorderManager. What logging there is is dispersed throughout several log files and more than one log mechanism.

For example, Proxy can have a common log (text file), an extended log (text file), an indexed log (btrieve), as well as there being an audit log (btrieve), information log (text), etc. There is no one tool to gather information from all of these. There are different interfaces from within NWADMIN to look at these as separate logs, but no way to look at them way to compare way to build statistics from way to print any of it from within NWADMIN.

The common and extended logs should be usable by third party Web Server log analasis tools (such as from Web Trends) but the proxy currently does it's logging incorrectly. This is fixed in PROXY.NLM ver. 1.07 (currently in field-test but available upon request).

For now, all you can really do is just look at the information within NWADMIN. There are SPDs written to enhance this (such as allowing printing), If customer have specific enhancement they would like to see in future releases, we can submit the appropriate request to accomadate this request.

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