common dstrace switches

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  • 24-Jun-1997
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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Customer opens an incident when he is getting NDS error. How do I gather the information on the error using dstrace.


(Please note for a more complete document of NDS and dstrace please refer to DSDOC2.exe. It can be found on the web)

Setting dstrace filters

Filters allow the dstrace screen to display more or less of certain aspects of the Directory Services processes. Filter themselves do not perform any processes. They only allow you to see processes performing in a different view. Filters are turn on or off by using a + or - sign

set dstrace=+<filter>
set dstrace=- <filter>
Use the following steps to set filters in dstrace for most errors.
set dstrace=on [turns the directory services screen]
set dstrace=+part [sets the filter for partition operations]
set dstrace=+sync [sets the filter for synchronization traffic]
set dstrace=+misc [sets the filter for all miscellaneous processes]
set dstrace=+j [sets the filter for janitor or cleanup process]

set ttf=on [enables dstrace information to be to a file (dstrace,dbg)]

The following steps are for forcing a process

set dstrace=*r [resets dstrace.dbg to be over written]
set dstrace=*u [forces the server status up]
set dstrace=*f [forces the janitor process]
set dstrace=*h [forces a heartbeat]

toggle to the directory services screen and wait for the processes to complete one cycle.

set tff =off [this closes the file dstrace.dbg]

this file can be read thru the edit nlm or any word processor.