Undeliverable users don't return bounced msg

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  • 20-Mar-1997
  • 02-Apr-1997
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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


After applying the smtp1.exe patch, the administrator noticed that whenever a message was sent to an unknown user in the GroupWise system, that the gateway did not seem to send an undeliverable message back to the sender. Normal mail works fine.


This is working as designed. Setting the Outbound Status Level to "None" tells the gateway to keep such messages to itself. This was fixed in the smtp1.exe patch code, TID #2914927. This did not work in the previous versions of the gateway.


Change the Outbound Status Level from None to Undelivered. To change the Outbound Status Level do the following:
1. Enter Admin for the domain in which the SMTP gateway is installed.
2. Highlight the gateway and press F6 (Edit).
3. Select Optional...
4. Press 1 for Settings and 5 for Outbound Status Level.
5. Select Undelivered.
6. Click OK and exit Admin.