Can't add route to IP routing table in TCPCON

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  • 22-Nov-1996
  • 10-Jul-1998
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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


When trying to add a route to the ip routing tables using TCPCON, he gets "object not found" when he tries to save the new route. SNMP ControlCommunity has been set to "public".


While in the IP Routing Table screen, press the <Insert> key to add a route to the table. The "Interface" field is "1" by default. Change the interface number to correspond with the interface to which IP is bound, as is displayed in the IP routing table under the "Interface" column.

If there is more than one entry already in the routing table, look specifically for a route of type "direct". If more than one "direct" route exists, use the one that represents the route that will have to be taken to reach the new route you are adding to the table.