HTML Body and attachment do not show up from external system to GroupWise.

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  • NOVL104944
  • 24-Jan-2006
  • 31-Jan-2006

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Novell GroupWise 7


HTML Body and attachment do not show up from external system to GroupWise.

HTML missing from e-mail and attachments

Client is not RFC 2387 Compliant: Content-Type: multipart/related


Reported to development.  This has been fixed in the client as well as the GWIA and is included in the build for SP1 Build:01-27-2006


This kind of messages are probably generated by Exchange:

Content-Type: multipart/related;

User agents that do not recognize Multipart/Related shall, in accordance with [MIME], treat the entire entity as Multipart/Mixed.  Which our client does not do and displays no content in a message body, nor does not display attachment(s).  To test take your mime.822 and modify.

Content-Type: multipart/related;

and replace it by:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed;