YaST Online Update (YOU) against you.novell.com fails

  • 10099924
  • NOVL104564
  • 13-Dec-2005
  • 12-Apr-2006


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9)

System needs to go through an http(s) proxy


YaST Online Update (YOU) against you.novell.com fails

Typical error message: "Unable to resolve hostname you.novell.com"


There are two common causes for this problem. One is that not all of the components needed for a successful YaST Online Update against an HTTPS service are available in a recent enough version. The other is that the appropriate proxy settings for https have not been made yet.


All the updates needed to address this issue are now included in SLES9 Service Pack 3 and in the http://sdb.suse.de/youfix update service for YOU-related packages.


Should you still need to perform the updates manually, please proceed as follows:

  • Install the "yast2" and  "yast2-packager" packages from patch-10570,  "Recommended update for YaST2".
  • Install the "aaa_base" and "yast2-network" packages from patch-10402, Recommended update for aaa_base and yast2-network".
  • Install the "yast2-online-update" package from patch-9726, "Recommended update for YaST2 modules".
  • Install the "curl" package from patch-10571 "Security update for curl".
  • Install the "yast2-packagemanager" package from patch-10614, "Recommended update for the YaST2 packagemanager".
  • Configure the proxy setting for HTTPS through "yast2 proxy".
  • Log out and log in again to activate the changed settings.
  • Do a "yast2 online_update" again.