How to expand an existing volume with NSS in NetWare

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How to add a volume segment to an existing volume in NetWare 6.x

How to expand an existing volume with NSS  in NetWare


NetWare 6.5

NetWare 6.0


1.  In order to expand the size of a pool, you must have available free space on at least one LUN / device.  To add more free space, you can either increase the size of an existing LUN (using RAID or SAN software), or you can add a new LUN / device.  Always execute "SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES" or "SCAN ALL LUNS" from the server console to expose any new disk devices.

2.  If new LUN's are added, they must be initialized.  This will create a Master Boot Record at sector 0, which contains an empty partition table.  To do this, use NSSMU.  Select "Devices", highlight the new LUN, press F3, and confirm the action.  You can identify any unitialized LUN's in NSSMU by selecting "Devices" from the Main Menu.  Those that are uninitialized will show up with a capacity, but the partitioned space AND the unpartitioned space will both be zero.  In a cluster, you must also mark the device "Sharable for clustering".

 3.  Once you have available free space, you are ready to expand your pool.  NSSMU.NLM is the best tool to use.  Simply select "Pools" from the Main Menu, highlight the pool you wish to expand, and press F3.  You will be presented with a list of available free space.  Highlight the one you want to add to the pool, change the size if desired, and press <Enter>. 


Once you have expanded a pool, never try to shrink it again.  If you delete any of the partitions belonging to a pool, NetWare will warn you that you will lose data, and then, if you proceed, it will  delete ALL partitions belonging to the pool.

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