WebAccess install fails with a "The remote procedure call failed" error.

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  • NOVL96725
  • 01-May-2004
  • 10-Jul-2006

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Novell GroupWise 6.5

Novell GroupWise WebAccess 6.5

Novell GroupWise WebAccess 7.0 Service Pack 1


Error: "Setup failed to run installation: The remote procedure call failed."

Error:  "There was an error creating the GroupWise WebAccess object.  Try to create it manually from GroupWise Administrator."

Error installing the WebAccess agent

Error: No gateway directory was specified

Error loading GroupWise WebAccess


The domain object was missing the UNC path so the object would not create properly.


Edit the GroupWise domain object in consoleone and fill in the path to the domain directory.


In one case the UNC path seemed correct, but the WebAccess and GWIA objects did not show subdirectories.  We pointed the UNC path to an invalid location, then changed it back to the correct path.  We then ran back through install and it completed properly.


Another Cause can be that the WebAccess application was being installed to a different tree than the agent.  The workstation was logged into both trees however the tree with the agent was the set as the primary tree.


Make sure that the primary tree for the Novell client is set to the tree that the application is being install to.  To do this:

1. Right click on the red Novell "N" in the system tray an choose "NetWare Connections."
2. Click on the tree that the application is going to be installed to and click the "Set Primary" button.
3. Go through the WebAccess install.  When installing the application make sure that the OU that is used to create the eDirectory Objects on the "eDirectory Object Configuration" screen of the install points to an OU in the tree that will contain the application.

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