BM38 nwadmn32 can't extend schema Error: "319"

  • 10091896
  • NOVL96015
  • 08-Mar-2004
  • 08-Mar-2004


BM38 nwadmn32 can't extend schema Error: "319"


Bordermanager 3.8


When Run NWADMN32 for BM38, it get -- can't extend schema Error: "319". Which opening NWadmin32 to configurate the proxy components, it comes up with the error.


The first image installed is NetWare client 4.9, then apply client 4.9sp1a, then install the ZFD4.01 client agent.  That is the PC image that doesn't work.


 install the NetWare client 4.9, then the ZFD4.01 agent, then the client 4.9sp1a,  and now NWADMN32 works.  During the install of the client 4.9sp1a it gave an cosmetic error about not being able to update one component. which can be bypassed and all works fine afterwards.