Configure the eGuide Photo attribute

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  • 23-Dec-2003
  • 23-Dec-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Configure the eGuide Photo attribute


Novell eGuide 2.1.1

Photo attribute


One key benefit to eGuide is the ability to add photos to your corporate directory, thus allowing users to get an idea of whom they’re talking to.  eGuide allows two different methods for providing member photos.  One is to save the photo in the file system of the eGuide server.  The other requires uploading the file to eDirectory as a stream.  If the first option is selected, when a user adds their photo, the path to their photo is written to the photo attribute, if the second option is chosen, the actual photo is written to the photo attribute.  The first method is recommended because it doesn’t cause extra directory synchronization traffic.

The following instructions will allow you to set up eGuide so that users will be able to add their own photo to eGuide queries.

In ConsoleOne, make your users container a trustee of itself, and grant it read, write, compare, and inheritable to the photo attribute.  After that has been completed, do the following:

1.) Go to eGuide (http://<IPaddress_or_DNSname>/eGuide) and click the login icon, then login as admin.
2.) Select the Administration Utility icon.
3.) Select LDAP Data Sources
4.) Select the LDAP source that was created in exercise one (i.e. lastnameldap), and under the heading Properties, click Edit.
5.) Select the Attributes tab
6.) Scroll down to the Photo attribute and select the 1st and 3rd boxes, thus enabling the attribute and allowing users to edit their attribute.
7.) Scroll to the bottom of the attribute list and click Save.

eGuide is now configured to handle photos.  Now we just need to add a photo to a user.

1.) Since we are still logged in as admin, we need to logout, click the logout button 
2.) Access eGuide again and login as one of the eGuide users.
3.) Click on the Edit Information button  , and select Modify Photo
4.) At this point you will be prompted to select a photo stored in an accessible directory on the server.  Or for deomonstration purposes, browse out to a photo on your workstation (i.e. find a suitable photo on the Internet and use that photo (remember, it must be less than 60K in size)).
5.) Click Save.

At this point, eGuide has been configured to accept photos, and you have added a photo to a user.  Logout of eGuide and test to make sure the photo displays.