NAL application icons do not retain their position on the desktop.

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Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 - ZFD4

Novell Application Launcher (NAL)


NAL application icons do not retain their position on the desktop.

If you move a NAL icon on the desktop, the position is written to the registry, but this is not used the first time NAL is loaded.


Fixed in NALDESK.EXE dated 19 Feb 2004 or newer in ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1093.40329 dated 29 Mar 2004 or newer found at Novell Product Updates.  With this updated agent, before logging off of the machine, the end user can right click on the NAL Explorer icon in the system tray and select "Save Icon Positions".  NAL icon positions will be saved when the user or a different user logs back into the machine.
To enable this functionality, create the following DWORD in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetWare\NAL\1.0,"EnableSaveIconContextMenu"="1"
If the value is zero, or nonexistent, the save option is not available.


Steps to duplicate:
1.  Take a NAL desktop app icon, and drag it to another part of the screen
2.  Exit Application Launcher.  Note that the position of the icon is stored in HKCU\Software\Netware\NAL\1.0\Links\*Positions
3.  Start Application Launcher - note that the icon is recreated in its previous position - so far so good
4.  Logout, login and restart App Launcher (or reboot and restart App Launcher) - now the icon is created in the default location (the first "blank" space on the desktop)
5.  Close the App Launcher - Note that the registry has now been updated with the new location of the icon


In ZENworks for Desktops 6.5, the icon position is saved by default during NAL exit (user must exit nal) - without setting a registry key and without choosing a menu option.

Engineering is considering adding a save icons on log out.

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