Unable to login to CIFS server from Windows workstation.

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  • NOVL88468
  • 08-Apr-2003
  • 08-Apr-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Native File Access for Windows

NFAW v 1.0


Novell Modular Authentication Service

NMAS v 2.1


Unable to login to CIFS server from Windows workstation. 


Able to successfully login to a different CIFS server from the same Windows workstation. 


Log file created by NMASMON showed NMAS Error 1660 -- LSM CIFS not found. (LSM = Login Server Method.)

1660  NMAS_E_SEQUENCE_NOT_FOUND  The specified NMAS login sequence is invalid.


CIFS login method was either not running or corrupt the problem server.  This server was across a wan link from the other servers in the tree.


Updated the CIFS method through ConsoleOne.  This resolved the issue.    When the "update method" option is run, the NMAS method in question will be reinstalled into directroy services, and the change will be pushed out to all NMAS servers in the tree.

To update the login method,
1. Open the Security Container in ConsoleOne
2. Open Authorized Login Methods, and go into properties of the desired login method (in this case LSMCIFS).
3. On the "General, Description" tab click on "Update Method."
4. Browse to the CONFIG.TXT file corresponding to the CIFS login method.  The config.txt for CIFS is in SYS:\Public\nmas\methods\cifs.