NAAS - Changing the NW6 IP address

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  • 19-Feb-2003
  • 27-Feb-2004

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell Advanced Audit Service 1.0

Novell NetWare 6.0

NAAS is a discontinued product.  The replacement product is Nsure Audit.  For information on downloading, installing, and configuring Nsure Audit, please see TID 10091433.


NAAS - Changing the NW6 IP address


Following are the NAAS issues on NetWare 6, that may arise because of IP Address changes:

NAAS Database object:

I. Information of NAAS Database used by NAAS Servers is stored as part of NAASDB object. One of the attributes of the NAAS DB object is 'JDBC URL' with IP address of the database server. Changing IP address of the machine, requires changes to this object with new IP address of the database server.

II. As NAAS DB object name has IP address of the m/c (e.g. NAASDB-164-99-150-165), just for clarity, we may need to change DB object name. After changing the DB object name with new IP address, NAAS Server policy should be changed to point to the new DB object.

III. NAAS Server should be restarted after doing above changes. This can be done by killing java class, audit.server.SocketServer and restarting NAAS Server components by using st_srvr

IV. There may be some problems with the database configuration itself. The DBs normally keep there own configuration files. For additional information, refer to the database admin guide.

Agent and Server communication:

I. One of the attributes of NAAS Server is the 'Host Device', which points to the NCP server running NAAS Server. To connect to a NAAS Server, Agent uses 'Host Device' attribute of NAAS Server object to find NAAS Server machine (NCP Server). One of the attributes of this NCP sever identifies the 'IP Address(s)' of the machine. If this change of IP Address is not updated in eDirectory automatically (this needs to be verified), NAAS Server machine needs to be restarted for the change to take effect.

II. Agents will automatically reconnect after NAAS Server machine IP Address is changed in eDirectory. So, this does not require a restart of the Agent machines.

III. But, if eDirectory replicas are not updated with new IP Address, there could be connectivity issues between Agent and Server.

Shims: Change of IP address require all the three shims to be restarted. But, as shims are non unloadable, NetWare needs to be restarted.

In summary, change of IP Address require five things to be done for smooth functioning of NAAS:

1) Changes to URL in NAAS DB object

2) Only for clarity, rename of NAAS DB name (optional)

3) If step 2 is performed, changes to NAAS Server policy to point to the renamed DB object

4) Restart of NAAS Server component

5) Restart of NetWare machines running shims

On NetWare 6.5: On NetWare 6.5, NAAS Agent, Server and shims will automatically reconfigure with any IP address changes and no restart of NetWare is required. However, NAAS DB changes are still required.

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