Error: "-128 Remote" running DSRepair | Report Sync Status

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  • 25-Nov-2002
  • 25-Nov-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell eDirectory 8.6 for NetWare 6

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 - ZFD4

Novell Application Launcher (NAL)


Error: "-128 Remote"  running DSRepair | Report Synchonization Status

DStrace Reports -128 all process = no

Cannot edit login scripts without getting -128 errors.


1. On DSTrace find the affected object generating the error "-128 remote"  by performing the following DSTrace commands.
On the receiving server (normally a RW of the Partition)

On the sending server (usually the master)


2. Open ConsoleOne and look for the affected object found on the previous step. Look at the properties of the object. Go to the "Login Script" tab and check if there is a NAL request with a "pound sign" (#) in front of it, if there is change it for an "at" sign (@). If the stream file for the users login script is still being on use or open then you may get an error when you try to save it. If that's the case, clear the connection that is using the stream files by following step 3

3. At the system console type "Disable Login" to prevent new connections, type "Clear station all" to release existing connections and if necessary dismount and mount SYS volume.  Clients with valid connection will auto-reconnect within 15 seconds.

4. Go back to step 2 and change the login script and it should be able to save it now. 

5. In DSREPAIR you will want to look at the servers that hold copies (replicas) of the partition you are trying to access the login script in.  If you look in the Report Synchronization Status report in DSREPAIR you will something like this:

Partition: .CHL.SEast.KNC
  Replica: .CHARLESTON.CHL.SEast.KNC        9-22-2003 09:33:47
  Replica: .KNC_DWY_FS02.DWY.Corp.KNC       9-22-2003 09:01:40
    Server: CN=CHARLESTON.OU=CHL.OU=SEast....   9-22-2003 09:39:55  -717 Remote
      Object: Bindery Type=7+CN=Ps-hp4v.OU=CHL.OU=SEast.O=KNC
  Replica: .TAMPA.TPA.SEast.KNC             9-22-2003 09:29:34
  Replica: .KNC_DWY_FS01.DWY.Corp.KNC       9-22-2003 09:03:58
    Server: CN=KNC_DWY_FS02.OU=DWY.OU=Corp...   9-22-2003 09:41:10  -254 Remote
      Object: OU=CHL.OU=SEast.O=KNC
    Server: CN=CHARLESTON.OU=CHL.OU=SEast....   9-22-2003 09:41:16  -128 Remote
      Object: Bindery Type=7+CN=Ps-hp4v.OU=CHL.OU=SEast.O=KNC
All servers synchronized up to time:          9-22-2003 09:01:40 

In this case we that the -128 error point to a server called CHARLESTON, and we see that the object holding open the streams file is the CN=Ps-hp4v.OU=CHL.OU=SEast.O=KNC, which happened to be a printer in this case.  We power cycled the printer and also cleared the connection after loading MONITOR at the console prompt, by going to Connection and looking through the connections until we found that objects' connection, we then could use ConsoleOne normally to edit the login scripts.