NSS Pool renames are occuring

  • 10076822
  • NOVL84026
  • 15-Nov-2002
  • 31-May-2006

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 2


Pool is being renamed with an _1 extention

LUN(s) are being seen multiple times when they should only be seen once


A pool rename will occur in NSS when we attempt to activate a pool of the same name (usually because we can see the same pool through separate paths (multipathing).

There are two general situations covered in this TID:

1. Most HAM drivers

2. The QL2x00.HAM driver

Some HAM drivers for NetWare (QL2x00, CPQFC) have multipath support built into them or companion software, in the case of the CPQFC you run separate code called Secure Path  in the case of the QL2x00 the multipathing support is built into the .HAM driver - most other drivers do not know what multipathing is and expect the O/S to take care of it.

NetWare itself (as of 6SP1) has multipathing support with the STARTUP.NCF SET parameter SET MULTI-PATH SUPPORT=ON, by default in SP1 this is enabled, by default in SP2 this is disabled.

You will need to determine if you are using a HAM driver that could and does have multipathing taken care of, you then should prove this by using the SCAN ALL command then issuing a LIST DEVICES command to see if you can see LUN(s) multiple times.

If you can see a LUN multiple times then NetWare needs to deal with the situation and MULTI-PATH SUPPORT should be set ON, if you can't then there is either an issue with configuration, environment or the driver is hiding it from NetWare and MULTI-PATH SUPPORT should be set to OFF or the problem with the driver corrected.


The QL2x00 driver by default will present only one path to NetWare if multiple adapters and/or multiple ports are connected to the same storage device.

To disable multipath mode and allow NetWare to see all paths, load the driver with the /ALLPATHS, /PORTNAMES and /QUALIFIED options: LOAD QL2x00.HAM SLOT=x /LUNS /ALLPATHS /PORTNAMES /QUALIFIED

The /ALLPATHS and /PORTNAMES options are required if an upper layer module is going to handle failover (it expects to see all paths).

Make sure you use the correct value in the 'SLOT=x' argument.

Please contact the vendor of the driver before contacting Novell, they will have the expert advise on how to use and configure their drivers.