How to Install NetWare 6 into a NetWare 4.11 Tree

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  • 23-Oct-2002
  • 14-Feb-2003


How to Install NetWare 6 into a NetWare 4.11 Tree


Novell Netware 4.11 SP9

Novell NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 2

NW6 SP2 Overlay CD

First NetWare 6

This document should be read in conjunction with the Novell Netware 6 Update documentation and read me files.
Refer to and to
TID  10064501 Netware 6 Readme Addendum


Import the Schema from the TEMPTREE into the Production tree.  Use the [Root] Master server again.  refer to TID: 10066604 Steps to Import remote schema with DSREPAIR.


A Method of Installing the First Novell Netware 6 server into a NetWare 4.11 tree.

Upgrade Clients to the latest available version.  This is because older clients look to [Root] and newer clients to Treename.  When you get pure NW6 replica rings this may cause login problems.

Take .DIB sets of servers holding replicas.  Load DSREPAIR -RC or if you are low on SYS: disk space run DSREPAIR manually and specify another volume for the copy of the database.

Health Check the Tree.  Both Basic Health Check and Complete Health Check.  See KB 10060600 NDS Health Check Procedures - Cross Platform

Clear up any problems including stuck obituaries.

Ensure you have good replica placement.  One Master and two read/writes per partition.

Update NetWare 4.11 servers to NW4SP9 and latest DS.  At the time of writing the minimum level was DS version 6.16

Create an SLP Service Location Protocol Strategy and be ready to implement it after NetWare 6 has been installed into the tree.

Create a brand new NetWare 6 server on new hardware in a TEMPTREE.  Install all the NetWare 6 products you may need.  This will create your schema updates. 
Test the server works as required but do not add other software that may extend the schema.  You only want to add the NetWare 6 extensions.  Patch to the latest available patches.  At the time of writing this was NW6SP2 and apply post SP2 patches and update hardware drivers as required.  Check it all works.

On the Production Tree [Root] Master server.   Run DSREPAIR -a Advanced, global schema operations, login as Admin, Global schema options, Post Netware 5 Schema update.

If the Schema update fails refer to KB 10066905 DSREPAIR.NLM | Advanced Options | Schema Import fails on how to resolve the issue.

On hardware similar to the one used to create the test server in the TEMPTREE above.  Create a new NW4.11 server.  Put a read/write replica of [Root] onto the server.  The server will become the Certificate server so this should be a powerful server that is designed to stay in the tree for several years without changing its name. 
Consider removing one of the other read/write replicas of [Root] in your tree.

Basic and Full Health Check again.  Resolve any issues and Lockdown changes to DS.  No server moves, partition changes, object moves or deletions.

Run NWDEPLOY as described in the NetWare 6 Upgrade notes.

Upgrade the new 4.11 server with the latest NW6 Overlay CD.  At the time of writing this was NW6SP2.

Post upgrade run Basic and Full Health Checks as before.

A word of caution if you are planning to install the Native File Access functionalities of Netware 6 in a mixed ring. The CIFS server relies on an auxiliary class extension which is only partially supported on Netware 4.11 servers (DS 6.x) or Netware 5.x servers running DS versions 7.x. If the service is installed in a mixed replica ring with servers running these DS versions and others in eDirectory, the server will be displayed as unknown in the older servers. You can find more information about this issue in the solution called NFAP and DS version compatibility issues