Cannot access iFolder through NetStorage, setting the iFolder passphrase fails.

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  • 08-Oct-2002
  • 26-Apr-2005

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Novell NetWare NetStorage.

Novell OES for NetWare

Novell OES Linux.

Novell iFolder 2.0 Professional.

Novell iFolder 2.1 Professional Edition

Novell iFolder 1.0.


Cannot access iFolder through NetStorage, setting the iFolder passphrase fails.

User can successfully login to the iFolder server with the iFolder client.

iFolder directory within NetStorage shows up empty even though there are files in the iFolder directory


When accessing iFolder through NetStorage, the DS attribute "xTier-iFolderPassphrase" is added to the user object with the value being the users iFolder passphrase (encrypted).  This attribute had become corrupt causing the failure.

User object does not have the DS attribute "xTier-iFolderPassphrase"  The NetStorage proxy user must have rights to add this attribute to the user object.

Proxy user's password has changed.  Often this user is admin.  With the password held in the xtier registry, the password needs to be changed for the proxy user after it is changed in DS.  Incorrect proxy user password prevents proxy user authenication and adding of DS attribute "xTier-iFolderPassPhrase"


1.  Launch ConsoleOne and locate the user object that is having the problem.

2.  Right click on the object and choose Properties.

3.  Choose the "other" tab from the choices at the top, this will show a list of attributes on the user object.

4.  Click on the attribute "xTier-iFolderPassphrase" and choose delete.

5.  The user can now login to NetStorage, access iFolder, and reset their iFolder passphrase.

Make sure the value specified for the iFolder server (in NSADMIN -- iFolder Storage Provider) matches the DNS name or IP address in the ServerName directive.  The ServerName directive is located in the iFolder Servers Apache configuration file.  This file varies depending on the server running iFolder.

NetWare 6.5 the default location is:  sys:apache2\conf\httpd.conf
NetWare 6.0  iFolder 2.x is:  sys:apache\conf\adminsrv.conf
NetWare 6.0  iFolder 1.x is:  sys:apache\iFolder\server\httpd.conf  (this is iFolder running in its own memory space)

If the NetStorage proxy user's password has changed, reset the password for the proxy user with the correct value using either NSAdmin, iManager | NetStorage, or the registry. 

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