ConsoleOne hangs when adding CIFS information.

  • 10073765
  • NOVL81729
  • 22-Aug-2002
  • 15-Jan-2006

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


NetWare 6

Novell NetWare 6 Support Pack 1

Novell NetWare 6 Support Pack 2

Novell Native File Access for Windows



ConsoleOne hangs when adding CIFS information.

Unable to add or update CIFS information on the CIFS page of the Server object 


Auxiliary Class Extension for CIFS had not been added to the object.


Add the nfapCIFSConfigInfo auxiliary class extension to the server object in directory services as follows:
1. In ConsoleOne, right click on the server object, and choose "Extensions of this object."  
2. Click Add Extension.
3. Browse the list to nfapCIFSConfigInfo, and click OK.
4. You will be receive a message saying "there is no custom property page for this auxiliary class, so generic editors will be used to add values to the mandatory properties."  Click OK.
5. You will be prompted for a name.  Enter any name and click OK

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