Invalid/Orphaned Trustee assignments on NSS volumes

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  • 29-Apr-2002
  • 12-Sep-2002

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Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell eDirectory 8.6 for All Platforms

NSS Volumes


Invalid/Orphaned Trustee assignments on NSS volumes


Removed Directory Services off of the NetWare 6 server.


Download and apply NW6NSS1A.EXE or greater and do the following:

1.  After applying the patch,  restart the server.
2.  At the console prompt, type "perl sys:system\ volName".  volName will represents the names of NSS volumes during the Migration Wizard process.
3.  The script will prompt if a user's name cannot be found.  User input is require to determine if the object is valid or invalid.  If invalid choose delete.  Any user that is not in the current tree should be deleted.  Do this for all volumes that were migrated.
4.  At the console prompt, type "nss /forcebackgroundcheck". Messages will be sent to the logger screen while it is running.
5.  When the process has finished (and it could be a while if there are a lot of files - it is designed to not overload the system) type at the console "nss /resetidcache". This process is fast and does not return any information to either the Console screen or the logger screen.

Use TRUSTBAR.NLM or manually recreate trustee assignments for the affected Volumes.

If you are still unable to restore trustee assignments, do the following:

To delete all file system trustees on VOL2, type the following at the system console prompt:

TRUSTBAR VOL2: -D   (don't forget the COLON after the volume name)

For More information on Trustbar see TID #10066145 - Using TRUSTBAR.NLM to backup file system trustees

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