Importing the Home Directory attribute using LDAP

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  • 25-Apr-2002
  • 03-Jan-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Importing the Home Directory attribute using LDAP


Hexadecimal data in LDIF files


Novell eDirectory 8.5 (85.xx)



Backslash characters (\) are missing after the import


The backslash character is used to "escape" special characters in an LDIF file.  If a backslash is followed by two hexadecimal digits, the hexadecimal value will be sent to the LDAP server.  For example, "ndshomedirectory: \EC" will be interpreted as the hexadecimal value EC not the string "\EC".  (Note: the LDAP attribute ndshomedirectory is mapped to the NDS attribute Home Directory by default.)


Replace each backslash character in the ndshomedirectory attribute with "\5C".  This hexadecimal value corresponds to the backslash character itself.  Using the above example, the new attribute would look like - "homedirectory:\5CEC".

Doing this may add extra characters to your LDIF file and once imported, it may not work properly.  If this occurs, contact Novell Technical Services for nldap 85.24.  In the future, this version will be available in a public patch.

Novell eDirectory 8.6.2 and eDirectory 8.7 do not use the backslash character to "escape" special characters.  Neither version will exhibit this problem.

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