Consolidated Support Pack 8 Readme Adenddum

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  • 16-Apr-2002
  • 18-Mar-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Consolidated Support Pack 8 Readme Adenddum


Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell NetWare 5.1



1.0        NetWare 6 Support Pack 2

1.1         NAAS Components Fail to Come Up on a Non-replica eDirectory Server

If the NAAS components fail to come up on a non-replica eDirectory server, do one of the following:

-            Load the NAAS Agent on the nonreplica server using the following command:

adagtset -nr username password

where the username is the dot-delimited Fully Distinguished Name for a user with the Supervisor right on the partition with the server.

-            Load the NAAS server on the nonreplica server by entering the following command at the server console:

adsrvset -nr username password

where username is the dot-delimited Fully Distinguished Name for a user with the Supervisor right on the partition with the server.

The NAAS components can then be loaded normally.

1.2         Upgrading Using the Overlay CD

When using the Overlay CD to upgrade a server, do not create new volumes during the upgrade. After completing the upgrade, you can create new volumes.

1.3         Removing \BACKSP1 After Installing the Support Pack

If you selected the backup option during the install of NetWare 6 Support Pack 2, a \BACKSP2 directory was created. If \BACKSP1 exists after installing Support Pack 2, then can delete the directory and its contents to free up disk space.

WARNING: Do not delete \BACKSP2, or you will not be able to uninstall Support Pack 2

2.0        GroupWise 6 Support Pack 2

2.1         Switching Logging Modes on the POA

When switching from diagnostic logging to normal or verbose logging using the hotkey (CTRL-Z), the change in logging does not actually take place even though the log reports that diagnostic logging has been disabled.

To disable diagnostic logging completely, press F10 > Logging Options > Log Level, and select the desired setting.  This will prevent the POA from exceeding the Max Log Age and Disk Space parameters too quickly.

3.0        NFS 3.0 Support Pack 4

3.1         Uninstalling the Support Pack

To remove only the NFS 3.0 Support Pack 4, without removing the base NFS product, complete the following steps:

1) IN the NWCONFIG, follow the "Install a Product Not Listed" procedure.

2) Point to SYS:SYSTEM\NFS30SP4, the backup location of the files replaced by NFS 3.0 SP4.

This launches a script to roll-back NFS to the previous configuration and deletes the SYS:SYSTEM\NFS30SP4 directory and all its contents.

3) (Conditional) When rolling back to NFS 3.0 Support Pack 2 or earlier, after completing the roll-back, load SCHINST to re-create the NISUserDef object that the earlier Support Packs require. You can verify the NFS Support Pack version in the installed products list.

3.2         Additional Changes Since Last Support Pack

In addition to the changes listed in NFS_CHG.TXT, the following changes were made:

-            Every NFS right suitably maps to the NetWare right for netware_nfs mode.

-            When changing the group or the owner using chgrp, or chown, you need not save the unmapped users' UID and GID in the NFS namespace permanantly and remove the existing trustees for a file or directory, as earlier.


4.0        NFAP 1 Support Pack 2

4.1         NFAP and IBM AIX Machines in a Cluster

In a clustered environment, the IBM-AIX machine does not become a slave to the virtual server.  



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Consolidated Support Pack 8 Changes since last support pack.


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