Error: " -649 Insufficient_buffer" after eDirectory 8.6.1 applied

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  • NOVL66402
  • 14-Dec-2001
  • 18-Feb-2003

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Novell eDirectory 8.6.1 for NetWare 5.1

Novell eDirectory 8.6.1 for NetWare 6

Novell SLP Directory Agent (SLPDA.NLM)


Error: " -649 Insufficient_buffer" after eDirectory 8.6.1 applied

Users can not login to Novell Directory Services (NDS)

Directory synchronization has stopped.

Error occurs in set dstrace=+dsa


SLPDA.NLM has a feature that will allow DS.NLM to synchronize services between two different SLPDAs.  This feature is enabled through MONITOR.NLM | Server Parameters | Service Location Protocol.  The parameter is "SLPDA NDS Forward Flag = on/off".  When this feature is turned on, SLPDA.NLM creates an NDS context for every service registered everytime it synchronizes the data.  After synchronization, the contexts are freed. There is an issue with SLPDA.NLM running on eDirectory 8.6.1 NDS.NLM version 10210.41 and greater in which SLPDA.NLM does not free these contexts correctly.  The end result is that eventually, after enough synchronization cycles, DS.NLM runs out of buffer space to create any more contexts for its other operations.


This problem is fixed with patch SLP107G.EXE on NetWare 5.1 or on NetWare 6 apply NW6SP1.EXE.

NOTE: To workaround the problem temporarily, unload and reload DS.NLM which would free the contexts.

Another workaround would be to turn the SLPDA NDS Forward Flag feature to "off" on a SLPDA server.

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