Network Storage Services (NSS) for NetWare 6

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Network Storage Services (NSS) for NetWare 6


Novell NetWare 6.0

Network Storage Services (NSS)



NSS Documentation

How to rebuild the SYS volume (pool) prior to volume mount.

NSS volumes disappear after upgrade to NetWare 6.

NSS Volumes cannot be seen after upgrade to NetWare 6

How do I repair a damaged NetWare 6 NSS Volume?

What is the ~dfs8 file on the root of volumes used for?

long term cache hits = 0%

Client loses connection to server when writing files.

Unable to manage disk devices under ConsoleOne

Can NSS 3.0 be implemented on a NetWare 5.x server?

Some Persistent SET and NSS parameters reset after the second reboot

Does NetWare 6 support multipathed disk I/O?

Can't purge all the space on a NSS SYS: Volume

List of NSS Error codes

Mirror ID's don't match using the MIRROR STATUS command

Expanding your Mirrored Partitons

For additional information on NetWare 6, please see the following solution.  TID #10064501 - NetWare 6 Readme Addendum

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