Error: "Login Script error 886F."

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  • 05-Nov-2001
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Novell Client 4.8 for Windows NT/2000

Novell NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 3 (NW51SP3.EXE)


Error: "Login Script error 886F."

Users login to NDS sometimes get mappings that fail with error 886F.

Getting login script mapping error 886F randomly on login


886F is a server error of unknown object.  This is similar to a -601 in NDS.
In another case Connection in MONITOR.NLM showed Licensed Conn via IP but authentication via IPX
Could not Map Root drives but could map drives if not using Map Root.


1. In NWADMN32 | User object | Details | Environment tab | Set the Default Server attribute to the proper server.  This can be done for multiple users by highlighting them and selecting the Details on Multiple Users option from the File menu.

2. Change drive mappings from old Bindery syntax of server\volume: to the proper full DS context method:

i.e. MAP G:=.servername_volumename.ou=name.o=name:users\username

If the server you are trying to map a drive to does not hold a replica of it's own server object, run DSREPAIR -XK3, Advanced Options, Repair Local, F10 to accept the defaults.  Once it is finished, exit completly out of DSREPAIR and SET DSTRACE=+BLINK and SET DSTRACE=*B.  Once Finished Checking Backlinks=SUCCEEDED, reboot the workstation and try and login again.

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