MS access database run from NetWare server excessively slow

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  • 12-Oct-2001
  • 13-Jan-2003

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Novell Client 3.3 for Windows 95/98

Novell Client 3.21 for Windows 95/98

Windows 95

Windows 98

MS Access 97

NetWare 5.1 SP3

NetWare 5.1

NetWare 5.0

NetWare 4.11


MS access database run from NetWare server excessively slow

MS access database running from NetWare server causing over 20000 packet in less then 10 seconds.

over 25000 packets when running the same query with the MS client for NetWare networks.

NT with client 4.8 running same query only uses about 2400 packets and takes much less time to complete query.


When running Ms access from Windows 9x from a drive mapped network drive the LAN trace showed that the workstation was walking up and down the full path of the directory structure where the database file exists.  In this particular case that directory structure was at least 5 folders deep.


We changed the MS access database to work off a Map rooted drive letter so there was no directory structure to walk up and down, instead the database file showed as being off the root of the drive map letter, in this case X:. This reduced the number of packets in a database query from over 20000 down to about 4000 which also reduced the time for it to complete.