How to install NetWare 5.1 on a Pentium IV server

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  • NOVL56106
  • 17-Aug-2001
  • 23-Apr-2003


How to install NetWare 5.1 on a Pentium IV server


Pentium 4 processor

Pentium IV processor

Novell NetWare 5.1


Installing NetWare 5.1 on Pentium 4 hardware will cause the install to hang when SYMCJIT.NLM is loaded.

java: Page fault occurred while executing class com.novell.application.install.setup

Short term memory allocator is out of memory.1 attempts to get more memory failed

java: Class com.novell.application.install.setup exited with status -5

This often happens at the GUI portion of the install.


Pentium 4 hardware will cause the install to fail.


Download the file 4PENT.EXE by following this link:  and follow the installation instructions included in that patch

Download also found in Pentium 4 and NetWare 5.1 install - KB 2958220 


We are working to get an overlay CD for nw5.1 which will include this patch. As of now, the overlay CD for nw5.1 sp5  does not include this patch.