How to configure FTP Proxy

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  • 29-Mar-2001
  • 11-Dec-2002

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


How to configure FTP Proxy


The configuration for the server is done from network administrator.
1. Launch NWADMIN32 at the workstation.
2. Double click the BorderManager server to get to it's detail screen.
3. Click the BorderManager Setup tab.
5. Click IP ADDRESSES... and make sure your IP addresses for BorderManager have been entered there. If they are not then add them and click OK.
6. Check FTP PROXY
7. Click DETAILS
8. You may keep the default seperator or change it. It is usually more intuitive if you change it to an @ symbol, but it isn't necessary. Just remember what seperator is being used.

Explanation of options.

1. Username/Password Separator

        A character that separates the NDS* username, FTP username, and FTP hostname in the user command, and the NDS user password and FTP         password in the pass command. The user enters these commands when connecting to the FTP proxy. The default is the dollar sign ($).

2. Anonymous FTP Email Address

        The e-mail address used as the password for the anonymous FTP login by the FTP client of the proxy server. The default is NovellProxyCache@.

3. Enable Userbased Authentication

        If this parameter is not enabled, the user will not be required to enter the FTP proxy username and password when accessing the FTP server, and         will need to supply only the FTP hostname and password.
        If this parameter is enabled, the FTP proxy will be required to authenticate users with NDS before allowing outside access. A user must enter a         fully distinguished NDS username, FTP username, and FTP hostname at the user prompt; and an NDS password and FTP password at the pass         prompt. For example:

        user> john_smith.novell$anonymous$
        pass> xxxxx$yyyyy

        Where john_smith.novell is the NDS username, anonymous is the FTP username, is the FTP host, xxxxx is the NDS password for         john_smith, and yyyyy is the FTP password for anonymous users at

4. Enable Indexed Format Logging

        Enables indexed format logging for the FTP proxy server. You can view data from the FTP indexed format (audit) log only by exporting the log.