What does DSREPAIR -RC back up and where?

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What does DSREPAIR -RC back up and where?

How to grab a database backup

How to grab a dibset


Novell NetWare 4.11

Novell NetWare 4.2

Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1

Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell eDirectory on Windows NT/2000

DSRepair 4.59 and above


DSRepair -rc will create a DIB set backup for the NDS including all stream files, this should not be used to take the place of tape backup as a regular NDS backup method.  DSREPAIR -RC essentially takes a "snapshot" backup of the database and captures the entire NDS database including all objects, replica and partition information, schema and stream files.    

In NDS6.x and NDS7.x the backup will be placed in SYS:SYSTEM\ called DSREPAIR.DIB
In NDS8.x, eDirectory 8.5.x and eDirectory 8.6.x the backup will be placed in SYS:SYSTEM\DSR_DIB\ called 00000000.$DU, the backup will create a new file for every 100Mb of data in the NDS by incrementing the filename e.g. 00000001.$DU.

On a Windows 2000 server the file can be found in C:\NOVELL\NDS\DIBFiles, and the file will be the same (00000000.$DU).

Loading DSREPAIR without the -rc switch will allow you to choose the placement of the file and filename if you select 'Create a Database Dump' or 'NDS Archive Options" under the 'Advanced options menu'.

If running eDirectory on Windows, the process is the same.  You can either start the DSREPAIR.DLM with the -RC Startup Switch or you can launch DSREPAIR.DLM | File | Archive Options.

NOTE:  Only Novell Technical Support can restore these files through a dial in.