Uninstalling ZENworks for Desktops 3 from the server.

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  • 07-Feb-2001
  • 11-Oct-2002


Uninstalling ZENworks for Desktops 3 from the server.


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.0

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2


Follow these steps to remove ZFD3 from the server:
1.  First, you need to turn ZENworks off by typing ZFDSTOP at the server console.  Kill all of the ZEN java processes by typing java-exit at the console.

2.  Delete ZFDSTART from the AUTOEXEC.NCF.  Now ZEN won't start up next time you reboot the server.

3.  Delete any NDS objects that get created by installing ZFD3.  These are usually the Inventory Database object, the Inventory Service object, and several NAL objects.  All of these objects get created in the OU where the server to which you installed ZFD3 resides.

4.  Delete any Policy Packages you've created since installing ZFD3.

5.  Delete the database.  To do this, go to the volume where you've installed the database and delete the ZENWORKS directory and everything below it (i.e., ZENWORKS\DATABASE and ZENWORKS\SCANDIR directories).

6.  If you want, you can delete every ZEN file on the server.  (To find out what those files are, from a DOS prompt, execute ZENVER /V >  C:\TEMP\ZEN.TXT from SYS:PUBLIC, then refer to ZEN.TXT.  Typically, deleting the <volname>:ZENWORKS and the SYS:PUBLIC\ZENWORKS directories will be sufficient to start the re-install.

NOTE: There is no way to remove the schema extensions from NDS.