Slave Abends When Master LAN Cable is Pulled

  • 10057437
  • NOVL28476
  • 04-Oct-2000
  • 23-Oct-2002


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1

NetWare Cluster Services v.1.01 Update (NWCSUPD1.EXE)

2 node Cluster


Abend:  EIP in VLL.NLM

Abend:  Ate Poison Pill in SbdWriteNodeTick given by some other node.

Running process: VLL_EventThread Process.

Slave server always abends whenever Slave or Master's LAN cable is pulled.


Novell Clustering relies on the LAN driver to update certain statistics to determine which server still has connectivity to the LAN, and thus can support client access to Cluster volumes and any other clustered resource.


Here are the statistics that Clustering depends on being updated immediately to be of use.  These can be viewed in MONITOR | LAN/WAN DRIVERS:
    1.  Generic Counters:  Total packets and Bytes transmitted shows successful transmission.
    2.  Ethernet Counters:  "Transmit Failed, Carrier Sense Missing" shows if the ethernet cable is still connected.
    3.  Custom Counters:  We don't monitor these counters, but still they will show if the link is good.

Of the above counters, the most important one is #2.  If the "Transmit Failed, Carrier Sense Missing" does not immediately start incrementing when the LAN cable is pulled, the LAN driver is not sufficient to support clustering.  If you are seeing the above symptoms with NWCSUPD1.EXE applied, swap your drivers first for later dated ones, or swap the physical NIC in the server for one that has been tested and approved to work with Novell Clustering Services.

If you are using either N100.LAN or CE100B.LAN driver, there is an updated Intel driver which corrects the "Transmit Failed, Carrier Sense Missing" problem.  Please download CE100FT.EXE from SUPPORT.NOVELL.COM.