Novell acronyms

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Novell and other software industry acronyms.


ACL                   Access Control List
ACR                  Actual Compression Ratio
ACU                  Automatic Client Upgrade
ADA                  Administration Agent (GroupWise 5.0, 5.1, 5.2)
ADS                  Administration Server (GroupWise 4.1)
ADSI                 Active Directory Service Interface
AMU                  Across-the-Wire Migration Utility
API                   Application Programming Interface
ASC                  Americas Support Center
ASCII                American standard Code for Information Interchange
BCP                   Binary Communications Protocol
BDC                  Backup Domain Controller
BDF                   Bitmap Distribution Format (.bdf files)
BECN                 Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BIF                    Binary Initialization File (.bif files)
BM                    BorderManager
BMAS                BorderManager Authentication Services
BOA                  Basic Object Adapter
CA                    Certificate Authority
CDE                  Certified Directory Engineer
CIP                   Certified Internet Professional
CIW                  Certified Internet Webmaster
CMD                  Compatibility Mode Driver
CNA                  Certified Novell Administrator
CNE                  Certified Novell Engineer
CNI                   Certified Novell Instructor
CS                    Certificate Server
DA                    Directory Agent
DAP                  Directory Access Protocol
DEN                  Directory Enabled Networking
DENIM               Directory Enabled Net Infrastructure Model
DHCP                Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIB                   Directory Information Base
DirXML              Directory Extensible Markup Language
DISP                 Directory Information Shadowing Protocol
DIT                   Directory Information Tree
DMS                  Document Management Services (GroupWise)
DN                    Distinguished Name
DNS                  Domain Name Server
DS                    Directory Services
DSA                  Directory System Agent
DSE                  Designated Support Engineer
DSP                  Directory System Protocol
DUA                  Directory User Agent
ECR                  Expected Compression Ratio
EMEA                Europe, Middle East and Africa
FDDI                 Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FECN                 Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FLAIM               FLexible and Adaptable Information Manager
FS                    File Server

FTF                   Field Test File
FTP                   File Transfer Protocol
GW                   GroupWise
GWIA                GroupWise Internet Agent
HDML                Handheld Device Markup Language
HTML                HyperText Markup Language
HTTP                HyperText Transfer Protocol
ICMP                 Internet Control Message Protocol
ICSP                 Internet Commercial Service Provider
IETF                  Internet Engineering Task Force
IMAP                 Internet Message Access Protocol
IP                     Internet Protocol
IPE                    Instructor Performance Evaluation
IPX                   Internetwork Packet Exchange
IPX/SPX            Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
ISDN                 Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO                   International Standards Organization
ISP                   Internet Service Provider
KAP                   Key Access Partition
KMO                  Key Material Object
LAN                   Local Area Network
LDAP                 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDIF                  LDAP Data Interchange Format
LIP                    Large Internet Packet
LSP                   License Service Provider
MA                    Migration Agent
MAPI                 Messaging Application Programming Interface
MCNE                Master Certified Novell Engineer
MIME                Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
MPK                  Multiple Processor Kernel
MPR                  MultiProtocol Router
MRU                  Maximum Receivable Unit
MS                    Message Server (GroupWise 4.1)
MTA                  Message Transfer Agent (GroupWise)
MTP                  Message Transfer Protocol (GroupWise)
MTU                  Maximum Transferable Unit
NAB                  Novell Address Book
NAL                   Novell Application Launcher
NAT                  Network Address Translation
NBM                  Novell BorderManager
NCP                  NetWare Core Protocol
NCS                  Novell Cluster Services (also, Novell Customer Services)
NDK                  Novell Developer Kit
NDPS                Novell Distributed Print Services
NDS                  Novell Directory Services
NFK                   NICI Foundation Key
NFS                  Network File System
NIAS                 Novell Internet Access Services
NIC                   Network Interface Card
NICI                  Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure
NIM                   Network Interface Module
NIMS                 Novell Internet Messaging System
NIS                   Network Information Service
NLDAP               Novell Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
NLM                  NetWare Loadable Module
NLS                   NetWare Licensing Services
NLSP                 NetWare License Service Provider
NMAS                Novell Modular Authentication Service
NOS                  Network Operating System
NSP                  Name Service Provider
NSS                  Novell Storage Services
NTS                  Novell Technical Services
NW                   NetWare
ODMA               Open Document Management API
OEM                  Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFS                  Post Office Server (GroupWise 4.1)
OS                    Operating System
OSI                   Open Systems Interconnection
PAB                   Personal Address Book
PDC                  Primary Domain Controller
PFA                   POP Forwarding Agent
PKI                    Public Key Infrastructure
PKIS                  Public Key Infrastructure Services
POA                  Post Office Agent (GroupWise)
POP                  Post Office Protocol
PSE                   Primary Support Engineer
RDN                  Relative Distinguished Name
RIP                   Routing Information Protocol
SA                    Service Agent
SAM                  Service Account Manager
SAN                  Storage Area Network
SAP                  Service Advertising Protocol
SAS                  Secure Authentication Server
SASL                 Simple Authentication and Security Layer
SCMD                Server Compatibility Mode Driver
SDK                  Software Developer Kit
SFT                  System Fault Tolerance
SHTTP              Secure HTTP
SLP                   Service Location Protocol

SMDR                Storage Management Data Requester
SMP                  Symmetric MultiProcessing
SMS                  Storage Management Services
SMTP                Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA                  Systems Network Architecture
SNADS              System Network Architecture Distributed Services
SNMP                Simple Network Management Protocol
SPX                  Sequenced Packet Exchange
SSL                   Secure Socket Layer
SSO                  Single Sign-On
TCP                  Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP              Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TID                   Technical Information Document
TLS                   Transport Layer Security
TSA                  Target Service Agent
TSANDS            Novell Directory Services Target Service Agent
TSAPI               Telephony System API
TTL                   Time to Live
TTS                  Transaction Tracking System
UA                    User Agent
UAM                  User Account Management
UDP                  User Datagram Protocol
VPN                  Virtual Private Network
WAN                 Wide Area Network
WAP                 Wireless Application Protocol
WML                 Wireless Markup Language
WMS                 Windows Messaging System
WS                   Workstation
WSS                 Worldwide Support Services
XIS                   Extensible Markup Language Integration Services (pronounced Eck-sis)
XML                  Extensible Markup Language
XSLT                 Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
ZEN                   Zero Effort Networking

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