Unable to load NetShield 4.5.0 (NETSHLD.NLM) on 4.11 File Server.

  • 10056260
  • NOVL24043
  • 25-Aug-2000
  • 26-Jul-2001

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


NetShield for NetWare 4.5.0


Unable to load NetShield 4.5.0 (NETSHLD.NLM)  on 4.11 File Server.

Error "Server-4.11-1586: Loader cannot find public symbol: closedir_510"

Error "Server-4.11-1548: Load file referenced undefined public variable. Module NETSHLD.NLM Not loaded"


Incorrect version of CLIBAUX.NLM was being referenced.  This caused CLIBAUX.NLM to unload itself.


A newer version of CLIBAUX.NLM was copied to SYS:SYSTEM on the affected server.
(CLIBAUX version 1.23a, dated 11/29/99)
-Modified the SYS:SYSTEM\NETSHLD.NCF file by adding LOAD CLIBAUX as the first statement in the NETSHLD.NCF file.

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