Printers can't connect after upgrading to 5.1 NDSv.8

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  • 24-Apr-2000
  • 26-Jun-2003

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Novell NetWare 5 -V8

Novell NetWare 5.1

Multiple models of HP printers


Printers can't connect after upgrading to 5.1 NDSv.8

Printing breaks after upgrading to NW5.1

Printers lock up while trying to login to server

Some printers work, some don't work

Service 80 on the printer's digital display


This only happens if the server holding the queues has been upgraded to 5.1 or NDSv.8


When the server returns a network address attribute for the Host Server (server holding the queues), there are extra address in that attribute, making it a multi-valued attribute.  For example, in a packet trace you can see there is an HTTP an HTTPS and 2 LDAP addresses coming back to the printer.  However, the firmware on the printer does not seem to be able to handle this.  


Upgrade the firmware on the printers to the latest from HP.  Go to and choose print servers and then follow the path down to the updated firmware.

As a workaround you can do the following to make the DS attribute of NetWork Address on the server object to show IPX address first.

1.  Go into Monitor / Server Parameters / NCP / Protocol Preferences and set the value to 'IPX TCP UDP'
2.  Save the change
3.  Unload and load DS.nlm 

This will cause the server to return the IPX address as the first address in the network address attribute reply.  The older HP JetDirect cards may then be able to connect. Of course the draw back is that the server will then try to communicate first over IPX to all other servers in DS for replica operations.  If you goal is to have a TCPIP server to server communication setup, this will hinder that. Again, the real fix is to upgrade the printer's firmware as per above.