No available directory entries on volume.

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  • 24-Feb-2000
  • 30-Oct-2002

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Novell NetWare 4.11

Novell NetWare 4.10

Long Name Space

Directory Entries Table

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No available directory entries on volume.


    NOTE: With DOS name-space there is 16M directory entries (directories and files)2M if 4.10. If an additional name-space is used, the number will decrease by 50%. With the addition of a third or fourth name-space, the directory entries will be decreased by 33 1/3%.  If the user is using DOS, MAC, OS2 and NFS, they typically will not have many directory entries to work with.


Large volume(s) with multiple name-space used.


Create separate volumes on the partition for each name-space used. This will allow 2 million directory entries on each "name-space" volume. The other option would be to consider NetWare 5 with NSS volumes