Server shows connections to workstation/Citrix Metaframe Server after user disconnects

  • 10025405
  • 1.0.51154204.2506998
  • 21-Jan-2000
  • 10-Jan-2003

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Server shows connections to workstation/Citrix Metaframe Server after user disconnects


Novell Client 4.7 for Windows NT/2000

Novell Client 4.6 SP2 for Windows NT

Novell Client 4.51 for Windows NT

Novell Client 3.2 for Windows 95/98

Novell Client 3.1 SP1 for Windows 95/98

Novell Client 3.1 for Windows 95/98

Novell NetWare 5.1

Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 4.2

Novell NetWare 4.11


MONITOR.NLM shows multiple authenticated connections for the same workstation

Users receive a warning about too many Concurrent Connections


Currently the Watchdog function will only poll connections on the network and MAC address (net:node). The Novell Clients for Windows 9x and NT all use dynamic sockets, so when a workstation reboots it could very easily get a connection to the same server, but with a different socket. This would mean that a single workstation may have MANY connections to the same server with different sockets and Watchdog would keep them active/alive because Watchdog only polls using the Network and MAC address (which is static unlike the dynamic socket). Because of this, Watchdog will keep all connections active/alive from the same NET:NODE address, even if they are not used, because it can not distinguish between the different sockets these connections originated on.

This problem is further compounded when the "workstation" is a Thin-Client Server such as Citrix Metaframe where they may be hundreds of users making connections to the same set of servers on different sockets. If their session is abruptly terminated, the only dynamic way to clear the connection on the server is to leave the Citrix Metaframe server down for over 15 minutes (or whatever the max time Watchdog takes to clear a conn).


A request has been entered to Novell engineering to rewrite the Watchdog function to check net:node:socket. This would alleviate this problem and it will also eliminate one of the last causes of the "Concurent Connection".

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