Repair a damaged NSS volume

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How to repair a damaged NSS volume 


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1


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The following steps may fix the damaged NSS volume and allow it to be mounted successfully.  Type the following at the server prompt: !!These commands are not case sensitive!!

NSS /Deactivate=<volume_name>
NSS /Maintenance=<volume_name>
NSS /RebuildVolume=<volume_name>
NSS /Activate=<volume_name>
MOUNT <volume_name>

Another way to do this is to type "nss menu" at the console prompt and go to Utilities | Verify to verify the volume and then to Utilities | Rebuild to rebuild the volume.

NOTE: If the problem volume is using NWPRV (meaning it was created with free space on standard NetWare volumes), then the above procedures will not work as the volume won't be detected without the NWPRV provider.

The following altered procedure must be used:

NSS /REBUILDVOLUME=<volume_name>
NOTE: As NSS volumes created using the NWPRV provider are dependent upon their underlying NetWare volumes, NWPRV is not loaded by default. Novell does not recommend the use of NWPRV but provides it for flexibility. Please also note that NSS volumes created using NWPRV are limited to a maximum size of 2 GB. The default provider for NSS volumes created out of NSS partitions is MMPRV.

NOTE: If the Rebuild fails to repair the volume data must to be restored from backup
NOTE:  These instructions will not work on a NetWare 6.x server.  See solution NOVL61296 "How do I repair a damaged NetWare 6 NSS Volume?" for repairing NetWare 6.x NSS volumes.

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