What does the error "Call to NIOS Page Unlock by Module Unknown Failed" mean?

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What does the error "Call to NIOS Page Unlock by Module Unknown Failed" mean?


Novell Client 2.2 for Windows 95/98

Information in this solution was taken from the Novell clients documentation https://www.novell.com/documentation/lg/client/docui/index.html#../usclint/c32dwenu/

Core Client Modules

Since the client architecture uses the NetWare® Input/Output Subsystem (NIOS) to manage modules, NIOS.EXE must be loaded before you can load any other modules. Then, the client workstation requires certain other core modules to be loaded.

32-bit Core Modules

The following are the core modules for the 32-bit Client.
     a TSM such as ETHERTSM.NLM
     a 32-bit LAN driver

Other modules pertaining to specific protocol, LAN driver, and network management functionality are loaded at various points in the load order. See "32-Bit Load Order Examples."

From the above we learn that NIOS.EXE is loaded first and is indeed the management piece for all subsequently loaded modules - Novell or third-party application.


If you are encountering this error, when is the error being encountered? Are other third party applications such as IBM Client Access Printer Gateway installed? If so, it is possible that this is not installed or configured properly or there may be a version problem with that software and the Novell client version in use. This may in turn cause those products to make incorrect calls to NIOS and return errors like "Call to NIOS Page Unlock by Module Unknown Failed."

Also, you can use the NIOS.LOG for further troubleshooting. See Document 10013921 for directions on how to use this as a troubleshooting step.

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