How to Create a CNAME Resource Record in NetWare 5

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How to Create a CNAME Resource Record in NetWare 5


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell DNS DHCP Services


DNS Unable to Resolve CNAME

Cannot ping cname

Cannot do an NS lookup on a cname

DNS alias is not working


The domain name of the aliased host must be fully qualified.


1. Start DNS/DHCP manager console and select the DNS Service tab.
2. Make sure there is an A record for the host that will be referenced by the CNAME.
    a. If not, then click the Create icon in the toolbar
    b. Select Resource Record
    c. A is selected by default. Complete the information for the host name and address, and click create.
3. Select the Zone object where the CNAME will be created and click the Create icon in the toolbar, choose Resource Record.
Note: Be sure you have selected the ZONE object and not a resource record or the RRSet object beneath it.
4. Select the CNAME radio button and enter the following information:
     Host Name: Alias Host Name i.e. www
     Domain: The domain in which the ALIAS will reside, i.e.
     Domain Name of the Aliased Host: Enter the FULLY QUALIFIED domain name (fqdn) of the host that this alias is referencing. i.e.
5. Click Create
6. When you done making changes to the zone, update the Serial Number fields on the SOA information tab for the zone object.

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