Windows NT, Long Filenames on NetWare

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  • 14-Mar-1995
  • 11-Feb-1999
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The Windows NT file system (NTFS) supports the creation of long filenames, much like Macintosh and OS/2 file systems. If the Windows NTstation is a NetWare client, can long filenames created in Windows NT be stored on a NetWare server? If so, how?


Yes. For NetWare 4.10 (and previous versions), the OS/2 name space module, OS2.NAM, must be loaded on the server (add "Load OS2" to the Startup.NCF file), and the OS/2 name space must be added to the volume or volumes where the Windows NT long filenames are to be stored (use the command "ADD NAME SPACE OS2 TO <volume_name>"). Refer to the NetWare manuals for more detailed information on loading and adding name spaces.

HPFS, the OS/2 file system that supports long filenames, and NTFS use the same structure for long filenames.

For NetWare 4.11 (and later versions), the LONG name space module, LONG.NAM, replaces OS2.NAM and provides support for Windows NT long filenames.

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