During Install SYS volume shows huge incorrect size

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Novell NetWare 5.0

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During Install SYS volume shows huge incorrect size

This problem occurs with disk space 100G or larger.

Example:  Installing NetWare 5 on 174G Raid
During the NetWare Installation | Create a NetWare partition | Volume SYS Screen.

NetWare Partition Size shows with a number 182...  (Yes, there are trailing dots)

Volume size shows up as 4,294,846,945 MB.

These values are incorrect.


Shipping NWCONFIG.NLM code reporting invalid stats.  


Use NWCONFIG.NLM from the latest support pack. You can download the latest Support Pack from here.

Steps how to use the new NWCONFIG.NLM:

1. Extract Support Pack.
2. Create C:\NWUPDATE directory.
3. Copy new NWCONFIG.NLM to C:\NWUPDATE directory.
4. Run INSTALL.BAT from NetWare 5 installation CD or boot up from NetWare 5 CD to run the installation.

The installer will auto load the updated NWCONFIG.NLM from C:\NWUPDATE.

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