Record lock threshold exceeded

  • 10019363
  • 1.0.35610790.2370591
  • 20-Oct-1999
  • 09-May-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 4.11

Novell NetWare 3.2

Novell NetWare 3.12

MS Access 97

Maximum File Locks (default: 10000, range 100-100000)

Maximum File Locks Per Connection (default :250, range 10 - 1000)

Formerly TID: 2935504


Record lock threshold exceeded

Station x record lock threshold exceeded. Total violations #####

Error: MM-DD-YY HH:MM:SS PM: SERVER-4.11-679 Station x record lock threshold exceeded.       Total violations #####.


The error may also include the following line:       Severity = 0  Locus = 11  Class = 19


Errors can occur on the server console when starting MS Access applications.


MS Access heavily uses file and record locks in the database files and the default limit per connection (NW4.11: 500) is exceeded very easily.  In Microsoft documents Q173006 and Q102522 there is reference that Access 97 will default to using up to 9,500 record locks before starting another transaction (or issuing an 'Error 3052 - File Sharing lock count exceeded' in an Access dialog box).


Applying NW5SP3a or later for NetWare 5 will change both the "Maximum File Locks..." parameters on the File Server to: Maximum File Locks Per Connection (default: 2500, range 10 - 10000)
Maximum File Locks (default: 200000, range 100 - 2000000)

Here are the SET-parameters you need to modify: (the default values are for NW4.11)

Maximum Record Locks Per Connection (default: 500, range 10 - 100000)  For systems with heavy Access 97/2000 users, increase the MAXIMUM RECORD LOCKS PER CONNECTION to 10000 and the MAXIMUM RECORD LOCKS to a higher level commensurate with users and number of concurrent Access queries.
For example, if you have 10 concurrent access users and 100 users total on the system, setting this parameter to 150000 is a good starting point).

Maximum File Locks Per Connection (default :250, range 10 - 1000) Maximum Record Locks (default :20000, range 100 - 400000)
Maximum File Locks (default: 10000, range 100-100000) A rule of thumb is to double the parameters and monitor if the problem persists. This means if parameters were set at default, the parameters should be changed at the server console to: SET Maximum Record Locks Per Connection=1000
SET Maximum File Locks Per Connection=500 SET Maximum Record Locks=40000
SET Maximum File Locks=20000
The parameters can be set in startup.ncf or you can also use SERVMAN.NLM (4.11) or MONITOR.NLM/SERVER PARAMETERS to make these changes permanent